Alone? (? A person should never make an important decision alone)

“Remember my child, your life is in your hands”, said the old witch and disappeared into the dark forest, leaving beside her a path of small, blue spring flowers.

You may say that is only a scene from a movie, but I’ll answer you that movies are based on real life. And the real part  here is not the witch or the dark forest, but those words, fulfilled with the flavor of independence, freedom, consciousness, and, the last but not the least, truth. It doesn’t matter, I have to choose what to wear today or where to study after lyceum, I know that I’ll make a decision alone. Why? Because if I make a bad decision, I will say “Never mind, it is mine. Why should I make some else’s bad decisions if I can make my own?”. I think you have got the point, so I’ll move on, and give you some reasons of my judgment.

First, no one knows me as much as I do, so, how could someone else be able to help me in making an important decision? Let’s take an example: I have to choose the country where I want to study at the university. Do you think that my parents, or friends could help me? Yes, giving some pieces of advice is not bad, but in fact, only I’ll choose my way. If my friend says me to go to Canada, my parents, to France, if I want to go to Australia, I’ll do it, because it is my university, my decision, my life. In fact, why should someone else live  your life instead of you?

As a second reason, I will state that we shouldn’t be afraid of making decisions. Because making decisions is fun! When I have to choose between something, I’m feeling very important, because of my decision something depends. And bigger the decision is, the bigger is my feeling of importance. But when I know that I didn’t take an important decision alone, I feel like I’m not able to do it independently.

And my last reason is a quotation of Steve Jobs: “The wrong decisions are the right ones”. Once, he told that the best decisions he made in this life were the wrong ones. For example, when he was fired from Apple, he thought is was the worst thing that happened with him, but after years, he said that if he weren’t fired, he could not return back with more innovative ideas. Another example if that of quitting the university and taking some coursed of calligraphy. Also after years, only because he left the university and had enough time to take those courses, he was able to make a marvelous design for Macintosh, his first invention. Now, remember that nothing from these could happen if somebody else would advice him what to do and help him taking decisions.

Don’t be afraid of making an important decisions, because in fact, nobody knows what will happen with you next, and your decision can be either good or bad, but you know that it is your own. So, live your life and don’t allow someone else to do it in your place, take bad decisions, risk, be independent, love the freedom, and remember, nobody else knows you as you know yourself.



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