Boys to the right, girls to the left.Boys and girls should attend separate schools

Once, there was stated a theory, that after some hundreds of years, people will not communicate anymore, will not interact with each other and will not need affection, hugs and feelings. They will live with their own technique, speak with robots and sleep in electronic beds. To socialize? People from future don’t know what is it. Boys, girls? What’s the difference? they will ask. Now, I’m sure that this view seems not very pleasant to you, so, you’ll start to ask yourself what was the start point of this craziness – the idea of  less interaction, less communication, more knowledge and studying, and, finally, the separation. Girls to the right, boys to the left – yes, this separation will make the foundation of the future non-communicative society.

The first reason why children should not attend separate school for boys and for girls is because of the quality of learning. I remember from my own experience that even in primary school, there were a kind of competition between girls and boys, who learn better, who is a bigger authority or who says a funnier joke. Then, in gymnasium, girls wanted to learn better in order to help boys they like at tests and boys where always showing some tips and points, in order to impress girls. In lyceum, the things evaluated, and both “parts” became friends, and learn a lot from each other.

The second reason is communication – this vital process in our development. How could someone evolve, develop, if not because of  the interaction with the others? People are like animals, they should live together, in bigger or smaller groups and communities, and communicate both with girls and boys, in order to become mentally developed and intelligent persons. Communication is the key of life, and children should learn how to handle it from an early age, while separate schools prevent this.

The last reason why boys and girls should learn in the same school is for their own benefit. There is a bigger probability that in separate schools more boys will become gay, and girls will either be extremely shy, or would date the first boy they see. While studying in the same school or class, the both parts have the possibility to “study” the others, and to get used to them.

As a conclusion, I will say that it is better for boys and girls to grow up mixed together, because when they become  adults and live an adult’s life, they will have to interact with each other, but they will not be able to do it, because communication is a skill that should to be studied while being a little child.



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