Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?

White money for dark times – such a well-know quotations, am I right? Parents, grandparents, friends, taxi drivers, everybody is saying that to you. But don’t worry, my situations is the same. And I hate it. Why? Because dark times either never come, or we are living them the entire life. And this life, such unpredictable and full of surprises, plays tricks on us and  then pretends to be good. Our fate is like a movie, and life eats popcorn while watching it. That’s why we shouldn’t play her game. We should live each day as it is the last one, and never regret something. About money, it’s the same. It is better to enjoy money I earn than saving them. Why? Because I live today, because I have only one life and because tomorrow may not come.

First, what for were the money made? Exactly, for spending them! Everything in life has a sense, a purpose, we work for relaxing, we gain money for spending them. Lets’ imagine a boy, Tom, for example. His entire life he was a workaholic,  he gained and saved money, paying no attention to the life’s pleasures. Then, suddenly, in a sunny day, he dies in an car accident. Then, an infinite of time he will stay in heaven and look down to earth, regretting all the things he could do with his money while being alive. Would you like to be like Tom?

Second, I’ll speak about those mysterious dark times. Those times when, from your point of view, ugly creatures come out from the shadow, eating everything they see in their way, devastating building and taking toys from children. And here is you: small, unprotected human being. While a big monster’s foot wants to step on you, the hero is coming! A flying dollar appears from the sky, pushing you away from the monster and protecting you as a magic wall made from a mixture of stones, small particles of diamonds and the most durable iron. No! This will never happen, but not because there are no flying dollars or ugly monsters, but because money don’t care about you. In dark times, only your close friends, family, hope and love will save you.

Third, how can you rely on something so instable? Thieves and international politics, are just some factors that dramatically influence money. You saved money in euro? And what if tomorrow European Union is destroyed? You keep your money under the bed? And what if tomorrow some thieves visit you? Your money are in a bank? Have you ever heard about crisis or bank rumps?

So, never forget about the money’s destiny: to be spent. Remember that in this world there is nothing more instable than money. And the last thing, dark times were forever, even when money did not exist. Now, as a conclusion, I’ll ask you something: is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?


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