Pets- good or bad?

Many people have a close relationship with their pets. These people

treat their birds, cats, or other animals as members of their family. In

your opinion, are such relationships good?

“We are five members in the family: my mum, daddy, me, my sister, and Sheila, our puppy. I like to play with the dog all day long, and I sleep with her in my bed, and do my homework, and eat at the table next to her, and, generally speaking, the puppy is always near me. Even my sister is not, or my parents, but I enjoy more the time spent with Sheila, because it’s so much fun, and she is so soft, and has a red, wet, tongue, and she is my best friend ever.”

So, this is a quite common situation in many families, and, my question is: do you consider it to be a normal one? Of course, you could state a lot of pro-arguments, saying that it is very good when a child have a pet-friend, because it develops its sense of responsibility and makes him happier. Moreover, this situation is valid not only for children, but for the adults too. Imagine an unmarried woman, who lives with her cat and having no friends, or an old man, having a close relation with his bird. Of course, all these situations seem to be very sentimental ones, that imply a true friendship, and understanding, and this magic link between a human being and an animal, and colorful rainbows, and flower throughout, and love, and care, and fairies, but, in fact, it is not like this. Pets and people should remain only pets and people, and nothing more. Now, even if I risk that you could accuse me of an overdose of realism mixed up with criticism, next, I’ll state my reasons.

First, pets, beside their cute and fluffy appearances , are a bag of diseases, a very big one. Beginning with tuberculosis and ending with rabies, there are hundreds and hundreds of diseases that we can take from our lovely animals. Like in my previous example, children are more exposed to it, because they are more likely to kiss and hug pets, sleep in one bed with them and eat together. It doesn’t mean that people should not have pets at home, but having some elemental hygienic rules is more than necessary. Now, the main problem is that while I have a very close relationship with my pet, it will be very hard for me to respect them.

Second, people should be friends with people. Why? Because human being, as animals, live in groups, and they need the support from the other members of the same group. Are you sure that a golden fish understands you as well as a human friend could do? Or maybe an hamster is able to give you some pieces of advice regarding your personal life? Remember, that even if you love you dog or cat, and you enjoy your time with them, playing with the ball or taking care of them, at one point, nothing will compare with a good talk at a coffee with a friend, or even acquaintance. If you have to choose between spending the time with your brother and sister, or staying with a pet, please, choose the first one, because pets are pets, but we are people.

And the last reason, the third, is that people should not get attached very much to their pets because they die, and usually, before their owner. And then, follows a deep depression, and bad feelings, and it is not very good. Just imagine that you have a parrot, and he dies, and you lived with him for 12 years. How would you feel? Now, think that instead of those days spent at home, with your pet, you could go outside, and meet new people, and make friends. For children is even more wors. I remember from my own life experience a situation like this. I was 6 or 7 years old, and I had a fish, a colorful and beautiful fish, and I loved it very much, and spent hours in the front of the aquarium, and…one day, he died. Believe me, it wasn’t the best experience of mine. I was very upset, and for a week I didn’t want to speak to anyone. All these negative feelings could be avoided, if not my close relationship with that fish.

So, as a conclusion, I would like to emphasize that it is good to have pets, because of the amazing moments together, but the important aspect is not to become too attached to it, because such relations aren’t benefic. Look around, there are so many people who expect you to observe them, and become friends!


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