Reading vs. watching a movie

Some days ago, I was looking what’s new on Facebook, and I saw a pretty interesting status ”happy people read, while the others watch TV”. So, I asked myself, am I a happy person or not? Then, I was trying to get the answer, but I couldn’t and, finally, I decided to do something else. That’s why I took a book and began to read. In that moment, my lamp lit, and I was happy because I knew I’m a happy person.

But, unfortunately, not all the people think like this, and this is the reason of many debates on the topic “It is better to read or to watch  a movie?”.  I guess you already know my point of view, so I’ll begin to state my reasons.

First, while reading, I improve my skills, especially those of writing. There is an enormous difference between  a book and a movie, because in the book, I can see the words, the dots, commas and understand the expressions. On the other hand, in the case of a movie, I just seat on a comfortable sofa and watch. I gain less knowledge, I don’t learn how to write, or how the others write. Remember Mircea Eliade, a famous Romanian writer. He began his so called “carrier ” of a writer reading. He read thousands and thousands of books, and became a very intelligent person, nowadays, an idol for the youth. Just imagine what would have happened  if instead of reading, he watched movies. I guess nothing.

The second reason is that when I read, I improve my imagination. What we see on TV, is some one’s interpretation of what he read. But remember, we all are different, different people, personalities, we have different way of thinking and understanding the world, and our interior world differs a lot from the others. While reading, we create our own movie, while watching TV, our head is invaded with someone else’s imagination. An example could be Harry Potter, both the movies and the books. Those who read it will support my idea, that it is a totally different perception of that magic world, and sometimes, the world of Harry Potter from your head is better than that one from the TV screen.

The last reason why reading is better than watching a movie is that while doing the first activity, you relax. It was scientifically proven that TV sets damage our health, begging with the eyes and ending with our mental activity. I know from my own experience that when I’m tired, I read, and begin to feel better. And if I get tired of reading, I relax…guess how. Yes, reading again!

So, people, move from the front of yours TV screen, hold a book and begin to read it. After you finish it, go outside and discuss it with your friends about it, then begin to share some books, and read others. When you realize that you became an intelligent man or woman with a lot of friends, go read some other books!


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