Should people read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts?

Imagine something. Imagine anything. Just close your eyes and let your imagination fly far, far away, somewhere you cannot go, something you cannot touch. Imagine the unimaginable. Don’t fall asleep, just keep your eyes closed and think. Don’t think about something real, reality doesn’t exist in your mind, think about what you like, what you want or what you deserve. Now, take a deep breath and be ready to face the reality. Open your eyes and make a shocked face. Yes, this is reality: violent, dirty, disrespectful, full of pain, madness and tears. I guess you would like to go back in your dreams, or maybe in someone else’s dreams. But you have to stay here and learn how to survive, and, if you are a good student, you will get a prize. Another travel to the Dream World. Your ticket? Books. What a surprise it will be if, for example, you buy the ticket, you enter the train, you travel and then…you arrive in the same place from where you began your journey. This happens when you read books about real events, real people and established facts. It is human to have some masochistic behaviors, so we need these books, but not only them.

My first statement is that we live in the diversity, and should take advantage of it. To read only those books about realistic facts it’s like eating the entire life the same meal. If you eat it once a week, it is good, but not every day, for 60 years. We need the diversity in order to survive. We need something to believe in. As in the example with the food, where we need different meal if we want to develop physically, we need different types of book if we want to become mentally developed and intelligent people.

Our need to escape could be the second reason why reading only about real life, people and events is a stupid idea. I’ll ask myself a quite simple question? Why do I read? Because I want to escape, to relax, to forget about what happened to me, about my real life, because I want to see something else, something beautiful. I remember my feelings when I read a book about something that doesn’t really exist. I’m teleported to another world, an amazing one. I escape from my daily routine. The conclusion is that only fictive books help us to overcome our monotonous and boring routine.

According to a quotation, everything that comes to our mind, exists. My third reason is that we should read all kind of books because in this way, we increase the beauty and the possibilities from our inner world. Do you think imagination comes from nowhere? Or the inventions, originality and creativity are inborn? No! Everything we see, listen to, and interact with, make the foundation of our personality. The books are the main stones. I know from my own experience that reading helps to develop imagination, this is why imagination isn’t be based on reality. We have to read about real people, facts and events too, but not only this kind of literature, otherwise, we risk to become too close-minded and not open to new things.

Now, I’ll ask you a rhetoric question: should people read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts?  No, because we have to develop our interior world, reading fictive books,  we need to escape from daily routine in another world, non-realistic one, and finally, people were made to live in diversity. Because of these three reasons and a lot of others, I’m sure that the books I read should be not only about real facts and people. Remember, we are what we read!


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