„Darling, what are we doing today?”

“Mum, pass me the sugar please”, said little Jeremy and made a wide, wide smile, with his all four small teeth. His mother, a blonde woman, dressed in a little yellow floral dress, came near him and, smiling, putted the glass bottle on the table and went to the cooker to continue preparing the pancakes. In was a Saturday morning and the sun was kindly caressing the entire room with his amazing sunshine, so that a romantic-convivial atmosphere dominated  that kitchen. More than that, the smell of the pancakes, or, better saying, the future pancakes, spread all over the room, hugging gently Jeremy’s nose and promising him a tasty breakfast.

Jeremy, taking advantage that his mother was busy with cooking, started to pun some sugar in his tea, or maybe, a little more than “some”. “One, two, three…” was counting he in his mind.

“Jeremy, one day you’ll become all made from sugar, if you continue like this”, scolded him his mum.

“Hey, where did you know from?” asked the kid obviously astonished.

Suddenly, Ervin entered the kitchen.

“Good morning to my lovely family”, mumbled he with a sleepy voice.

“Daddy! Mummy is cooking pancakes, our favorites pancakes!”. Jeremy jumped in his father’s arms and kiss him on his cheek.

“Darling, what we are doing today?” asked he, tickling Jeremy and making him giggling on the floor.

“I don’t know, we may go with Jeremy somewhere…”

“Darling, what we are doing today?”

“Ervin, I was just telling you, why don’t you listen me?” said Jessica a little annoyed, but still preparing the breakfast.

“Darling, what we are doing today?”

“Mum, I’m afraid dad broke down again…”.

Obviously startled, Jessica turned off the stove and approached her husband.  That well-known for her  24-hours-a-day smiling face was looking at her, but she knew he understands nothing.

“Darling, what we are doing today?”

His ruffled hair, his squared shirt, even his smell and his little unshaved beard, his blue with green eyes, everything seemed so usual. Except the fact that he was broken. For the third time in this week, he broke down.

“Darling, what we are doing today?”

She felt powerless. She wanted to cry. But she couldn’t,  Jeremy was sitting next to her, staring when at his dad, when at his mum. She obviously wanted to cry.

“Mum, maybe we could buy another father? I don’t like the fact that he is breaking down so frequently.”, asked her son without any emotions.

She approached her child, kissed him on his forehead and hugged him. Then, pressed the red button behind his neck. Jeremy went numb. Jessica began to cry.


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