What does the Earth think about us?

Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your opinion?

“The universe. All the planets are spinning around the sun. The Earth meets the Mars, and they begin to talk.

-So, Earth, how are you?

-I’m quite fine, even if I’m sick. I have homo sapiens.

-Don’t worry, it will pass. I also had.”

This is a quite inoffensive, small joke, but which has a very deep meaning. Are we really such a nuisance? Does our activity harm the Earth? Many people would definitely answer with a big “YES”. But I’m not one of them, so, I’ll deny this statement, and assert that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. Of course, if I was an animal, or plant, or even the Earth, I would state that people are parasites, and they harm everything they touch. But I’m a human being, and for me, it is normal to say that our activity is benefic for the planet.

Can you imagine your life without some human inventions, such as electricity or high technologies? I guess no, and this is the first reason why human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. Because only due to it, human’s life becomes better and better each year, and because people are living longer and in constantly improving conditions, only thanks to their own activity. If not our activity, the Stone Age would be stretched till nowadays.

The second reason why we don’t harm the Earth is because this planet by default passes through some levels, and it is not our contributions. Here, I refer to the global warming, a very popular topic of discussions in our days. It was scientifically proved that once in some millions of years, the Earth becomes either warmer, or colder, and it has no link to the human activity. So, everything that people do, don’t harm this planet, and the damages that we can see nowadays, even without us would had happened.

The last reason is a very logical one. Since people live on the Earth, and there is no other place to live for them, why should they damage it? It means implicitly that our every activity has the main goal to improve the environment and to make this planet a better place to live. We have no reasons to act against it or to try to destroy it. It is known that people are very egoistic beings, so everything they do is for the sake of their own life, or the life of their children. It means that every man and woman on this planet tries to make the Earth a better place to live, if not for the other, for them and their children.

So, in order to convince you about the truthfulness of my statement, I’ll ask you a question: you try to make the Earth a better place to live, don’t you? Even by doing small activities, such as throwing the garbage or cleaning the house? I guess I know what your answer will be, and it means you agree with me.


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Reading vs. watching a movie

Some days ago, I was looking what’s new on Facebook, and I saw a pretty interesting status ”happy people read, while the others watch TV”. So, I asked myself, am I a happy person or not? Then, I was trying to get the answer, but I couldn’t and, finally, I decided to do something else. That’s why I took a book and began to read. In that moment, my lamp lit, and I was happy because I knew I’m a happy person.

But, unfortunately, not all the people think like this, and this is the reason of many debates on the topic “It is better to read or to watch  a movie?”.  I guess you already know my point of view, so I’ll begin to state my reasons.

First, while reading, I improve my skills, especially those of writing. There is an enormous difference between  a book and a movie, because in the book, I can see the words, the dots, commas and understand the expressions. On the other hand, in the case of a movie, I just seat on a comfortable sofa and watch. I gain less knowledge, I don’t learn how to write, or how the others write. Remember Mircea Eliade, a famous Romanian writer. He began his so called “carrier ” of a writer reading. He read thousands and thousands of books, and became a very intelligent person, nowadays, an idol for the youth. Just imagine what would have happened  if instead of reading, he watched movies. I guess nothing.

The second reason is that when I read, I improve my imagination. What we see on TV, is some one’s interpretation of what he read. But remember, we all are different, different people, personalities, we have different way of thinking and understanding the world, and our interior world differs a lot from the others. While reading, we create our own movie, while watching TV, our head is invaded with someone else’s imagination. An example could be Harry Potter, both the movies and the books. Those who read it will support my idea, that it is a totally different perception of that magic world, and sometimes, the world of Harry Potter from your head is better than that one from the TV screen.

The last reason why reading is better than watching a movie is that while doing the first activity, you relax. It was scientifically proven that TV sets damage our health, begging with the eyes and ending with our mental activity. I know from my own experience that when I’m tired, I read, and begin to feel better. And if I get tired of reading, I relax…guess how. Yes, reading again!

So, people, move from the front of yours TV screen, hold a book and begin to read it. After you finish it, go outside and discuss it with your friends about it, then begin to share some books, and read others. When you realize that you became an intelligent man or woman with a lot of friends, go read some other books!

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Pets- good or bad?

Many people have a close relationship with their pets. These people

treat their birds, cats, or other animals as members of their family. In

your opinion, are such relationships good?

“We are five members in the family: my mum, daddy, me, my sister, and Sheila, our puppy. I like to play with the dog all day long, and I sleep with her in my bed, and do my homework, and eat at the table next to her, and, generally speaking, the puppy is always near me. Even my sister is not, or my parents, but I enjoy more the time spent with Sheila, because it’s so much fun, and she is so soft, and has a red, wet, tongue, and she is my best friend ever.”

So, this is a quite common situation in many families, and, my question is: do you consider it to be a normal one? Of course, you could state a lot of pro-arguments, saying that it is very good when a child have a pet-friend, because it develops its sense of responsibility and makes him happier. Moreover, this situation is valid not only for children, but for the adults too. Imagine an unmarried woman, who lives with her cat and having no friends, or an old man, having a close relation with his bird. Of course, all these situations seem to be very sentimental ones, that imply a true friendship, and understanding, and this magic link between a human being and an animal, and colorful rainbows, and flower throughout, and love, and care, and fairies, but, in fact, it is not like this. Pets and people should remain only pets and people, and nothing more. Now, even if I risk that you could accuse me of an overdose of realism mixed up with criticism, next, I’ll state my reasons.

First, pets, beside their cute and fluffy appearances , are a bag of diseases, a very big one. Beginning with tuberculosis and ending with rabies, there are hundreds and hundreds of diseases that we can take from our lovely animals. Like in my previous example, children are more exposed to it, because they are more likely to kiss and hug pets, sleep in one bed with them and eat together. It doesn’t mean that people should not have pets at home, but having some elemental hygienic rules is more than necessary. Now, the main problem is that while I have a very close relationship with my pet, it will be very hard for me to respect them.

Second, people should be friends with people. Why? Because human being, as animals, live in groups, and they need the support from the other members of the same group. Are you sure that a golden fish understands you as well as a human friend could do? Or maybe an hamster is able to give you some pieces of advice regarding your personal life? Remember, that even if you love you dog or cat, and you enjoy your time with them, playing with the ball or taking care of them, at one point, nothing will compare with a good talk at a coffee with a friend, or even acquaintance. If you have to choose between spending the time with your brother and sister, or staying with a pet, please, choose the first one, because pets are pets, but we are people.

And the last reason, the third, is that people should not get attached very much to their pets because they die, and usually, before their owner. And then, follows a deep depression, and bad feelings, and it is not very good. Just imagine that you have a parrot, and he dies, and you lived with him for 12 years. How would you feel? Now, think that instead of those days spent at home, with your pet, you could go outside, and meet new people, and make friends. For children is even more wors. I remember from my own life experience a situation like this. I was 6 or 7 years old, and I had a fish, a colorful and beautiful fish, and I loved it very much, and spent hours in the front of the aquarium, and…one day, he died. Believe me, it wasn’t the best experience of mine. I was very upset, and for a week I didn’t want to speak to anyone. All these negative feelings could be avoided, if not my close relationship with that fish.

So, as a conclusion, I would like to emphasize that it is good to have pets, because of the amazing moments together, but the important aspect is not to become too attached to it, because such relations aren’t benefic. Look around, there are so many people who expect you to observe them, and become friends!

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Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?

White money for dark times – such a well-know quotations, am I right? Parents, grandparents, friends, taxi drivers, everybody is saying that to you. But don’t worry, my situations is the same. And I hate it. Why? Because dark times either never come, or we are living them the entire life. And this life, such unpredictable and full of surprises, plays tricks on us and  then pretends to be good. Our fate is like a movie, and life eats popcorn while watching it. That’s why we shouldn’t play her game. We should live each day as it is the last one, and never regret something. About money, it’s the same. It is better to enjoy money I earn than saving them. Why? Because I live today, because I have only one life and because tomorrow may not come.

First, what for were the money made? Exactly, for spending them! Everything in life has a sense, a purpose, we work for relaxing, we gain money for spending them. Lets’ imagine a boy, Tom, for example. His entire life he was a workaholic,  he gained and saved money, paying no attention to the life’s pleasures. Then, suddenly, in a sunny day, he dies in an car accident. Then, an infinite of time he will stay in heaven and look down to earth, regretting all the things he could do with his money while being alive. Would you like to be like Tom?

Second, I’ll speak about those mysterious dark times. Those times when, from your point of view, ugly creatures come out from the shadow, eating everything they see in their way, devastating building and taking toys from children. And here is you: small, unprotected human being. While a big monster’s foot wants to step on you, the hero is coming! A flying dollar appears from the sky, pushing you away from the monster and protecting you as a magic wall made from a mixture of stones, small particles of diamonds and the most durable iron. No! This will never happen, but not because there are no flying dollars or ugly monsters, but because money don’t care about you. In dark times, only your close friends, family, hope and love will save you.

Third, how can you rely on something so instable? Thieves and international politics, are just some factors that dramatically influence money. You saved money in euro? And what if tomorrow European Union is destroyed? You keep your money under the bed? And what if tomorrow some thieves visit you? Your money are in a bank? Have you ever heard about crisis or bank rumps?

So, never forget about the money’s destiny: to be spent. Remember that in this world there is nothing more instable than money. And the last thing, dark times were forever, even when money did not exist. Now, as a conclusion, I’ll ask you something: is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?

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Should people read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts?

Imagine something. Imagine anything. Just close your eyes and let your imagination fly far, far away, somewhere you cannot go, something you cannot touch. Imagine the unimaginable. Don’t fall asleep, just keep your eyes closed and think. Don’t think about something real, reality doesn’t exist in your mind, think about what you like, what you want or what you deserve. Now, take a deep breath and be ready to face the reality. Open your eyes and make a shocked face. Yes, this is reality: violent, dirty, disrespectful, full of pain, madness and tears. I guess you would like to go back in your dreams, or maybe in someone else’s dreams. But you have to stay here and learn how to survive, and, if you are a good student, you will get a prize. Another travel to the Dream World. Your ticket? Books. What a surprise it will be if, for example, you buy the ticket, you enter the train, you travel and then…you arrive in the same place from where you began your journey. This happens when you read books about real events, real people and established facts. It is human to have some masochistic behaviors, so we need these books, but not only them.

My first statement is that we live in the diversity, and should take advantage of it. To read only those books about realistic facts it’s like eating the entire life the same meal. If you eat it once a week, it is good, but not every day, for 60 years. We need the diversity in order to survive. We need something to believe in. As in the example with the food, where we need different meal if we want to develop physically, we need different types of book if we want to become mentally developed and intelligent people.

Our need to escape could be the second reason why reading only about real life, people and events is a stupid idea. I’ll ask myself a quite simple question? Why do I read? Because I want to escape, to relax, to forget about what happened to me, about my real life, because I want to see something else, something beautiful. I remember my feelings when I read a book about something that doesn’t really exist. I’m teleported to another world, an amazing one. I escape from my daily routine. The conclusion is that only fictive books help us to overcome our monotonous and boring routine.

According to a quotation, everything that comes to our mind, exists. My third reason is that we should read all kind of books because in this way, we increase the beauty and the possibilities from our inner world. Do you think imagination comes from nowhere? Or the inventions, originality and creativity are inborn? No! Everything we see, listen to, and interact with, make the foundation of our personality. The books are the main stones. I know from my own experience that reading helps to develop imagination, this is why imagination isn’t be based on reality. We have to read about real people, facts and events too, but not only this kind of literature, otherwise, we risk to become too close-minded and not open to new things.

Now, I’ll ask you a rhetoric question: should people read only those books that are about real events, real people, and established facts?  No, because we have to develop our interior world, reading fictive books,  we need to escape from daily routine in another world, non-realistic one, and finally, people were made to live in diversity. Because of these three reasons and a lot of others, I’m sure that the books I read should be not only about real facts and people. Remember, we are what we read!

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Alone? (? A person should never make an important decision alone)

“Remember my child, your life is in your hands”, said the old witch and disappeared into the dark forest, leaving beside her a path of small, blue spring flowers.

You may say that is only a scene from a movie, but I’ll answer you that movies are based on real life. And the real part  here is not the witch or the dark forest, but those words, fulfilled with the flavor of independence, freedom, consciousness, and, the last but not the least, truth. It doesn’t matter, I have to choose what to wear today or where to study after lyceum, I know that I’ll make a decision alone. Why? Because if I make a bad decision, I will say “Never mind, it is mine. Why should I make some else’s bad decisions if I can make my own?”. I think you have got the point, so I’ll move on, and give you some reasons of my judgment.

First, no one knows me as much as I do, so, how could someone else be able to help me in making an important decision? Let’s take an example: I have to choose the country where I want to study at the university. Do you think that my parents, or friends could help me? Yes, giving some pieces of advice is not bad, but in fact, only I’ll choose my way. If my friend says me to go to Canada, my parents, to France, if I want to go to Australia, I’ll do it, because it is my university, my decision, my life. In fact, why should someone else live  your life instead of you?

As a second reason, I will state that we shouldn’t be afraid of making decisions. Because making decisions is fun! When I have to choose between something, I’m feeling very important, because of my decision something depends. And bigger the decision is, the bigger is my feeling of importance. But when I know that I didn’t take an important decision alone, I feel like I’m not able to do it independently.

And my last reason is a quotation of Steve Jobs: “The wrong decisions are the right ones”. Once, he told that the best decisions he made in this life were the wrong ones. For example, when he was fired from Apple, he thought is was the worst thing that happened with him, but after years, he said that if he weren’t fired, he could not return back with more innovative ideas. Another example if that of quitting the university and taking some coursed of calligraphy. Also after years, only because he left the university and had enough time to take those courses, he was able to make a marvelous design for Macintosh, his first invention. Now, remember that nothing from these could happen if somebody else would advice him what to do and help him taking decisions.

Don’t be afraid of making an important decisions, because in fact, nobody knows what will happen with you next, and your decision can be either good or bad, but you know that it is your own. So, live your life and don’t allow someone else to do it in your place, take bad decisions, risk, be independent, love the freedom, and remember, nobody else knows you as you know yourself.


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Boys to the right, girls to the left.Boys and girls should attend separate schools

Once, there was stated a theory, that after some hundreds of years, people will not communicate anymore, will not interact with each other and will not need affection, hugs and feelings. They will live with their own technique, speak with robots and sleep in electronic beds. To socialize? People from future don’t know what is it. Boys, girls? What’s the difference? they will ask. Now, I’m sure that this view seems not very pleasant to you, so, you’ll start to ask yourself what was the start point of this craziness – the idea of  less interaction, less communication, more knowledge and studying, and, finally, the separation. Girls to the right, boys to the left – yes, this separation will make the foundation of the future non-communicative society.

The first reason why children should not attend separate school for boys and for girls is because of the quality of learning. I remember from my own experience that even in primary school, there were a kind of competition between girls and boys, who learn better, who is a bigger authority or who says a funnier joke. Then, in gymnasium, girls wanted to learn better in order to help boys they like at tests and boys where always showing some tips and points, in order to impress girls. In lyceum, the things evaluated, and both “parts” became friends, and learn a lot from each other.

The second reason is communication – this vital process in our development. How could someone evolve, develop, if not because of  the interaction with the others? People are like animals, they should live together, in bigger or smaller groups and communities, and communicate both with girls and boys, in order to become mentally developed and intelligent persons. Communication is the key of life, and children should learn how to handle it from an early age, while separate schools prevent this.

The last reason why boys and girls should learn in the same school is for their own benefit. There is a bigger probability that in separate schools more boys will become gay, and girls will either be extremely shy, or would date the first boy they see. While studying in the same school or class, the both parts have the possibility to “study” the others, and to get used to them.

As a conclusion, I will say that it is better for boys and girls to grow up mixed together, because when they become  adults and live an adult’s life, they will have to interact with each other, but they will not be able to do it, because communication is a skill that should to be studied while being a little child.


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