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Face-to-face communication: what for?

“My mum said I have to socialize, so, I made an account on Facebook.” It may sound  like a pretty inoffensive joke, but it reflects 100% todays’ reality. Or, another example: “ Why I have to go out? There are people outside.” The conclusion? In the XXI century, we, human beings, have become so selfish, proud, spoiled, vainglorious, every time in a hurry after trifles, that even we don’t want to communicate face-to-face  with us. Why? Because after a monitor it is easier to have a mask, to build a fictive image, to paint over all our defects beautiful butterflies and spread some glitter over our poor and small souls.

So, still why face-to-face communication is the best one? Only because we see the partners’ real face and get so scared that we decide never to speak to people again? Like in a well-known quotation: the better I get to know people, the more I want to be a friend of animals.

First, face-to-face communication involves some skills, such as good manners and intelligence. When you chat, you can take your time to think what to response, when you are in a park or restaurant with somebody, you cannot google some slick adages or ask your friend how to act. Imagine, it involves the activity of your brain! And it’s hard, it’s very hard…More than that, you should know a little of body language, you should look well, not in that sweatshirt that you have for over 5 years and you never get out of it, you should know how to smile, when to smile. It seems to be impossible, right?

The second reason why this “impossible” face-to-face communication is better than the others is because you show that you real care about that person. Image it’s your birthday and you got 5 messages with congratulations, but still fell alone and world-forgotten. Why? Because nobody came to give you a hug, a real, not virtual through skype hug, nobody kissed you on your cheek (ok, except those two messages that contained a kissing smile).

And the last reason, and I guess, the most important one: people, think that you have the amazing possibility to talk face-to-face to somebody you like. To see his or her smile, to discuss about things you see in the surroundings, not only about some images found in the internet, to walk on the streets holding him or her, feeling the warn of somebody’s arm, to straighten a lock of somebody’s hair, or to feel the fragrance of his or her perfume.

Think that there people that don’t have this possibility, think that they would do anything for some minutes of being together, without tones of cables and monitors, and satellites between them. Think about yourself. Why should you private yourself from the best a human being can have in his live? The possibility to be near somebody.


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