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Put on your helmet and don’t dare to give up

Do you know that during his life, Van Gogh sold only one of his paintings? Or that Jack London’s first story received six hundred rejection slips before finally being accepted? Did you know that when the  Beatles were just starting out, a recording company told them that they don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out? More than that, Steve Spielberg were rejected for three times from the University of Theater, Film and Television from California, while Oprah Winfrey had been fired from her job as a television reporter because she was „unfit for TV.” So, what do you think, what’s the main similarity between these so different people? Maybe, their life quotation, to never give up?

Now, the main questions is: why should I be stubborn, with so-called “unreal” dreams and have a bit of craziness? And the answer is already coming: because I want to succeed.

First, never be sorry for yourself. Let the others love you, worry about you, because your duty is to be ruthless toward you. Yes, it can sound very inappropriate, but let’s think logically. What would happen if you always mourn yourself? You will always look for someone’s shoulder to cry on, while the others will look for a place to hide, when you will appear on the horizon. More than that, if you always give up, you can eventually end starving to death, or living in a box from someone’s TV set, someone who didn’t give up when you did it.

Second, forget the adage that what is yours will wait for you. It’s a bad quotation, a very, very bad quotation. Sincerely speaking, all the stuff about destiny, wizards and mermaids is from my point of view, tales for children. It’s not fate who changes your life, there are your decisions, it’s not a wizard, it’s a man who tricks you, and it’s not a mermaid tail, it’s an illusion, or a processed photo, or tailor’s masterpiece. There are not the others which were more advantaged, it’s you who gave up.

And the last point: a someone gives up because another someone said him that he’s bad at doing something, right? Isn’t it a total nonsense? Who is the second someone? Nobody! And why should nobody tangle you from becoming somebody?

Nothing is more powerful than a man’s will, neither the walls, nor someone’s opinion. You just have to know how to handle your immense power of will, when to wear a helmet and when to rest a little. As a final point, I would ask you to put on your helmet, and keep hitting the wall! Never forget that your dreams worth your effort and need some bruises!


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