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The hurrying snail

“Hurry, hurry”, said the snail and had slipped from one side of the bench to another one. The explanation? The snail had an important appointment. Why? Ok, but it’s the XXI century, everybody is in a hurry, everybody is either a businessman or a business-lady, and our snail wants to be at the same level as the rest of the world. You might think that my next statement will sound like this: we should live life at a slower pace. No way, my dears! We should run, hurry, do this, do that, die of exhaustion and smile!

First, how many lives you’ve got? Don’t forget that you are not a cat, and you can’t spend 6 from 7 lives watching TV or playing computer games, and only 1 life being happy. You could state that watching TV is the highest level of happiness, but you will be totally wrong. Happiness is about running, falling and feeling the pain. Happiness is about having things done, going to different places and feeling the life.

Second, hurrying means that you don’t manage to do some things, which means that you have a lot of things to do, which means you a multilateral developed person, which means you are smart, which means you are happy. So, if you hurry, you a happy, right?

And the third argument sounds like this: if you live your life at a slower pace, you could be worried that it passes near you. Why? Because it really could pass near you! Living slower means doing less, maybe more profound, but less. And here it’s not fashion, here less is not better, in life less is less, without many discussions.

So, what could I add now? Put on your boots and run! While running you may fall down, or take off. But you will know that your life didn’t pass near you, and you will be happy person, definitely a happy person.


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