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We are pumpkins, big and round, Big and round, big and round…

“We are pumpkins, big and round,
Big and round, big and round.
We are pumpkins, big and round,
Seated on the ground.

We are string beans green and fine…..growing on a vine.
We are onions round and white….we make soup taste right.
We are carrots, orange and long…help us sing the song.”
How do you think, what’s this? No, it’s not neither a preparation for a concert, nor a school musical, it’s just a family evening.

“Mum, let’s sing again! We are pumpkins, big and round,
Big and round, big and round…”

Now  let’s see what was really happening in that family. Mother and her child were cooking, so, nothing special, just some amazing moments spent with the family, enjoying cooking, communicating and building a strong relationship between parents and children.
I guess nothing of these would happen if they decided to eat almost every time at food stands or restaurants. Yes, these colorful and convivial restaurants, with a strong marketing theory behind them and a lot of glitter spread over, with tasty and unhealthy meals, all this stuff seems so open and friendly to all customers, but our mission is to be not tricked by appearances. In fact, what can be better than teaching yours daughter how to cut a cucumber, while preparing the dinner?

On the first place is the atmosphere, than magic atmosphere, when the smell of a toasted chicken spreads all over the kitchen and mum is calling you for the dinner, or when your father decides to prepare the breakfast for the entire family in a Sunday morning, or when the children bake their first cake for their parents. Where is the magic? The magic is in every piece of this food, because you know somebody did it for you, because he or she loves you, not because you pay him 20 dollars for that.

Second, will you put some unhealthy ingredients in the lunch you prepare for your  family? I don’t think so. More than that, I’m sure you will try to make the food as healthier as possible, because, after all, it’s for somebody you love. Ok, except if you are the stepmother from Snow White and the Seven Dwarf.

As a third argument, I’ll state that preparing and eating food at home makes the relationships in the family better. Family discussions,  jokes, maybe watching TV after the dinner or playing rock, scissors, sticker to see who will wash the dishes, all these maybe unimportant activities for humanity, but so crucial in a family life, all of them will make your family be more stronger.

So, as a conclusion, I want to ask you to take your family members right now and go cook the dinner, or the lunch, or the breakfast, or whatever you want, just be with your family, make them happy, and don’t  forget to google some tasty recipes. Good appetite!


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